Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Windows XP vs Windows 7

This topic is something that is close to my heart and what makes it even more interesting is the dilemma to upgrade when the current version is perfectly serving my purpose.
So here I am sharing a few nuggets about why to upgrade and why to stay put
Firstly let’s see why should one stick to Windows XP?
  1. Software upgrades are expensive. Other than the basic OS re-install, you will also need to install programs that are compatible with Windows 7. Other than the compatibility issue, there is also an investment involved in purchasing licenses of application which doesn’t usually come cheap
  2. All files will need to be backed up (a process that I have not yet fully come to terms with). There might be an element of risk of loss of file in this transition process.  
  3. Determine what you do in your daily computing: Mostly is accessing MS Office applications, surfing internet or accessing multimedia. If you feel Windows XP has sufficient juice to power all your application sand gaming needs, then why bother switching?
  4. Eventually, you will put in your dough to buy a new computer. And when you do so, the newer models will have the latest OS fitted into it. This way get to avail significant savings on investing for a separate installation of Windows 7
Now that we have looked pushing the good ol’ XP, let’s see why Windows 7 will be useful
  1. Microsoft support will eventually cease for Windows XP. This means no regular updates and protection from newer security threats that keep cropping up every day. This one reason is sufficient enough to go for an upgrade
  2. With the advent of 64-bit technology, computing is becoming faster, and more practical. Though still in its nascent stage, more and more software applications now are coming up with a 64-bit variant catering to Windows 7 that are unusable on Windows XP. It would make sense to change before turning obsolete
  3. More applications: High end gaming/applications today runs on Windows 7 and 8 and hardly find any support with XP. So if you plan to lay your hands on the kick-ass new games with high resolution graphics and audio then Windows 7 is the right answer
While for me, I have still been using my faithful XP, I feel that going for an OS upgrade for my desktop is just round the corner. Yeah, yeah I know Windows 8 is the flavor of the season, but more on that later!

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