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How to Repurpose Your B2C content into B2B content

While B2B and B2C are completely different things, many people confuse one for another. A B2B content is aimed towards industries and companies while writing for B2C is aimed to stir consumers’ interest. In content marketing it is important to know the difference between the two so that the right audience is exposed to the right type of content.

The key difference between content writing for B2B and B2C

The subtle difference between both the terms is better illustrated below:

1 – B2B content should be very informative and properly explain all the benefits associated with a specific product or a service to their prospective client. They should also inform how the brand can help to improve the client’s business.

Normally businesses are not like consumers and mostly they avoid impulse purchases. They do calculated purchases of those products and services which can help their business grow, be more efficient and profitable and also help them keep ahead of their competitors.

content marketing agency2 – B2C content is specifically written for the end consumers who are going to use a particular product or service for his/her own self. Therefore it should be entertaining and eye-catching. The entertainment factor is a key content marketing success factor when engaging with consumers.

Also, the content should be informative and provide some value to the reader. The content should be enticing as consumers are supposed to be impulsive buyers and they tend to splurge on lifestyle goods. By providing a guarantee of your product or service, you can put the consumers at ease and thereby build a trust on your brand.

How to turn B2B content into B2C

Although these two styles of content marketing are very different from one another, it is still possible to repurpose the content to target a fresh audience. Firstly you should know your writing styles and how they can merge. By mixing your above qualities, you can post an article to target both B2B and B2C customers and sell those products which both of the categories can use.

While repurposing your content, it is evident that everything can’t be used. Some content can be recycled while the rest goes to the waste bin. For example, clever and funny B2C content can also appeal to high-level corporate managements. However there is a thin line between subtle humor and cheesy puns. Make sure you traverse the lien carefully or your entire content marketing plan can fail.

You have to be extra cautious while deciding which content will suit the corporate people as not each funny and clever thing will appeal to them. The same is true for the other category also.

content writing

content marketing with great content writing ideas

An example of content repurposed from B2C to B2B

For example, if you have an entertaining post and want that article to attract to a downtown hip shop in Las Vegas to sell your products. In that case, the content must be informative while keeping the tone light and fun.

Also, it’s essential to include all the important information required for them to know your brand. Don’t forget to include all the statistics and other compelling data as businesses love that. Primarily they want to know, how your brand can help grow their businesses and earn a higher profit.

These are some of the things you need to remember while repurposing your content in your content marketing campaign. With this knowledge repurposing becomes easier.




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Thursday, 11 January 2018

How To Communicate Better as a Freelance Content Writer

Freelancing has become very popular in today’s time, and rightfully so, as professionals get to spend more time at home and have more time for their personal affairs when they work freelance. Also, it helps the person switch up his job by accepting different kinds of assignments as a freelancer, and not be stuck doing a single kind of job.

At the same time, he gets to expand his clientele and experience. Freelancing also provides the person a chance to bump up his profile by working for a big MNC. Freelancers take up various kinds of work like marketing, SEO content writing, etc.

Why good communication is important?

A freelance content writer has an option of choosing his clients. He can opt for a local or an international business to work with. But, as a freelance writer, it may be difficult for the person to understand the values and expectations of a customer. Also, if a client is based in a foreign land, the geographical distance can make it difficult for the freelancer to coordinate with the client and understand their work ethics.

In order to eliminate these challenges, here are some tips on how you can communicate better as a freelance content writer, and be good at your job.

freelance content writer working on laptop

  • It is Important to Report Back Regularly

As a freelance content writer, you can choose to work for a client of your choice. Be it a domestic, or an international client, it is absolutely necessary for a freelancer to report back to the client regularly, without any excuse.

Deadlines have to be met, without any exception at all. If the client is international, use time trackers, or alarms to remind you to report back, as it might get tricky adjusting to the different time zones and you might end up being online when the client is offline. These mistakes must be avoided.

  • Try to Schedule Video Conferences

As a freelance content writer, you are working from home, but it is essential for the client teams to have meetings to share ideas and exchange information in order to work efficiently and better.

Hence, it is advisable that you try and be in as much of the meetings as possible by either skype chat or video conferencing through some other software. This will help you stay in the loop and prevent you from falling behind the other team members. It is advisable that you yourself try to schedule video conferences with stakeholders to so that you can regularly stay up-to-date.

freelance writer having coffee in her hand

  • Written Communication is Important

A freelance content writer may very well communicate over the phone, or over video conferences, but it is equally important for a freelancer to establish a habit of communicating in a written way. This includes emails, and texts pointing out important things and minutes from the meetings, and highlighting the key aspects of the project that your team has been working on.

A written input from the client can help you to develop content in a better way as chances of missing points in written communication are lesser as compared to verbal conversation. So, it is advisable that a freelance writer keep a habit of communicating in form of written emails and texts.

  • Ask the Right Questions

If you are a freelance writer, it is important to leave a good impression on the client. A major mistake a freelancer commits, is not being clear and not having confidence in what he knows about the project.

Many a time, a freelancer do not ask questions, which makes the project leader to believe that he has understood what has been explained when in reality, he has not. This attitude must be changed, and a freelancer should ask the right questions if he has understood little or nothing.

With these points you can add immense value with your work and ethics, by communicating with the client efficiently.

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Hot Content Writing Trends for 2018

As we step into a remarkable new year full of promises and potential, it is the right time for some crystal ball gazing. Today, we are going to check out what hot content writing trends will dominate the year 2018 .

1 – Focus on people first, Google second

Many website content deliveries are geared to have keywords added to the content for SEO. The issue happens when too many keywords snatch the relevance away from the content. Today’s evolved online customer will immediately catch this issue and leave the content without acting on it.

The key is to keep the language conversational and engaging. Primary keywords and LSI keywords will flow in naturally into the content when you focus on your readers rather than the search engines.

2 – Focus on the context

Remember that you are wiring not for your client, but for your client’s customers. If your client has a shiny new product, it won’t matter until you convey the answer to this query to the customers:

“What’s in it for them?”

Online Marketing magazine, CMO says that 80% of the buyers are turned off by aggressive marketing and sales. This is more prominent for website content where you are pitching your brand to a total stranger. Instead of pushy sales go for subtle content that touches upon the benefits they will derive when they connect with your brand.

content writing trends for 2018

3 – Make content scannable

The online user has an attention span of an average of 8 seconds. Make these 8 seconds count for your content in the below ways –

  1. Have a catchy headline
  2. Tell the reader in the intro itself about what the content will cover
  3. Keep in mind the reader persona and use words accordingly
  4. Structure it into digestible portions in the below ways

– Use bullets and lists

– Avoid fluff and meaningless sentences like plague

– Use sub headings and mark them in bold for the reader who wants to scan the content

– Don’t keep more than 2-3 sentences in each paragraph

Neil Patel says that creating compelling headlines and content is a difficult task for 43% of the marketers surveyed in a TechValidate B2B marketing survey. Hence it makes perfect sense to outsource this important process to a good content writing agency in India. With cost effective pricing and superior quality benchmarks you would get exceptional work delivered for your content marketing needs.

4 – Leverage Visual Content

Remember the 8-second attention span we talked about earlier (well, if it is more than 8 seconds ago then you might need to scroll up again!). Visual content seeks to eliminate this barrier and keep readers hooked to the content for longer.

Creating infographics, animations (memes and gifs) and videos will be the key ways to grab readers’ attention and have them stick on the site for longer.

Check out this incredible visual content creation guide for inspiration.

To wrap up

These top content writing trends in 2018 will be visible across industries and across geographies. Make sure to keep these pointers in mind when developing content for 2018. With these handy points, you would be able to deliver enhanced value as a content writing agency of repute.

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4 Proofreading Hacks for Data Analytics Web Content

Data management and data analytics companies face tremendous competition due to the crowded online space. Because of this, they demand impeccable content as a part of their inbound marketing strategies. A well-articulated website content not only has the power to keep reader hooked, but also enables conversions for the data analytics company with meaningful and helpful content. By stating the benefits accurately for end readers, your client can jump start on engaging with total strangers online and convert them to fruitful business opportunities.

As a writing expert, when you develop website content for a data analytics services company, you need to deliver the same in top shape. For this your proofreading has to be top notch. If you are looking for useful hacks to improve your website content proofreading skills then these tips will definitely be of help:

 website content writing

1 – Check the content structure

Your content needs to display the below important characteristics of website content that will be read till the end

a – Flow of thought should be logical

  • Start with pain points of target readers
  • Introduce your product/service and how it will address these pain points
  • Features/USP of the product/service
  • Benefits that the readers will get when they connect with the data analytics client

b – These points will become sub-headings and within each of them will be smaller chunks of content in list order. This enables easy readability

c – The wording should be conversational (with a lot of ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’) so that the content establishes a connection with the reader

2 – Check for facts

You need to have a rudimentary knowledge of what a specific technology does or is used for. So if a client deals in Pig, Spark, or Hive, then you need to know that Pig is a high level data flow scripting language, Hive is a data warehouse system, and Spark does data processing. While you don’t need to know in-depth, such high-level knowledge lets you write appropriate website content and be factually accurate at the same time

proofreading hacks for website content

3 – Basic proofreading checks

You need to absolutely check for correct spelling, correct grammar (based on whether it is UK English or US English), and correct flow of thought from start to end. Here are some common misses that you need to be aware of in website content writing.

4 – Check for fluff

You need to check that every sentence discusses one idea or thought worth reading. Beating round the bush or providing very general information will be recipes for disaster in website content.  For example, the ‘About us’ page may say “We are experts in data analytics”. The readers will think ‘So what?’

Your content should address this important question. It can elaborate stating as below:

“We have a 30+ team of experts in ETL, data warehousing, data analytics, visualization and BI. This lets us take end-to-end data collection, transformation, analysis, and reporting projects. As a result you can see significant gains in ROI in your business”

So step up your website content writing game with these proofreading hacks for your data analytics client.

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Monday, 25 December 2017

Factors to Consider before Hiring A Web Content Writer

The struggle to attract your target audience’s attention online is a serious problem. Managing online content by writing and editing can be an overwhelming job with decreasing attention spans. You need specific writing skills to come up with outcome-oriented business-compliance content. The content has to define your business USP to a wider market. This is where good writers with a proven record in website content writing services come in.

But with the wide market that offers freelancers, agencies, and companies doing content writing, how will you decide which writer to trust and involve in the process?

Here is a list of following factors you can use. With it, you can decide the best among the options available to hire for your website content writing project:

  1. Ask for a sample write up

Not everyone skilled in English, can become a good web content writer. To understand whether a content writer is capable of meeting the requirement is via a sample write-up. A web content writer must be versatile to write blogs, articles, web content, etc properly that will benefit your online marketing goals.

  1. Check for domain experience

A content writer must have experience in writing for your specific domain you’re looking out for. For instance, a writer for IT clients needs to know that Magento pertains to e-commerce CMS, or that Hive, Spark, and Pig help in big data processing. While you don’t need subject matter expertise, a high level knowledge is needed to develop contextual content.

web content writing services provider in India

       3. Enthusiasm

Find out whether writers or services carry enthusiasm to take up the project. It is only when the team is dedicated that an engrossing content will be formulated. Find whether they enjoy what they are doing; ask questions frequently about your business or share trending information about making great contents.

  1. Pricing Matters

Pricing is the first thing that will set the right direction towards a new relationship for customers looking for website content writing services. While it is judicious to align as closely as possible to client budgets, you also need to check the cost to your company for producing the content. Ideally you need to go ahead only when both meet at a common ground.

  1. Turnaround time

Adherence to deadlines ensures a long-term business relationship. The service needs to stick to its content delivery deadline. A writer needs to understand that on the other side, many teams are waiting for the content – web developer, content publisher, graphic design team, and an SEO team. A delay can have cascading effect on many people and that will be an issue at client end.

  1. Portfolio

Do a proper research regarding the jobs done by the writer in the past. The homework will reveal their style of execution, feedback from audiences, and brand image in the market. Go through the portfolios well so that you can understand whom you are hiring. In this case, you can also consider referrals so that you can access unbiased feedbacks directly.

In a nutshell

Finding the right website content writing agency that understands the tone and objective of your brand is crucial for fruitful business partnerships. With the right type of website content writing services experts working with you, your customer engagement and online growth objectives will be accomplished with great results.

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Improve Your Article Writing With Five interesting Keyboard Shortcuts

Many writers have complained about the inability to use the available computer facilities to enhance their article writing services deliveries. If you too face a similar problem, then read further to learn some interesting shortcut techniques to improve your writing speed.

Five Basic Shortcut Keys That Can Help You Do Wonders In Your Writing

  1. Text Select

This option will let you look at the text in a better way. It is equal to highlighting a text to preview your righting. Also selecting the text can be copied, pasted, or deleted. It saves time instead of copying one by one. Content writing services providers make use of these options to offer quick yet impressive article writing services.

When you follow this writing, remember that the + sign indicates to press one key followed by another.

Text Select Shortcut Key in Mac or PC

Keep the cursor on the text and press

Shift + Left or Right Arrow key (+ Down or Up Arrow key to choose the broader portion of the text)

Once selected and if you wish to unselect, then you can do that by making the same move in the opposite direction.

  1. Text Copy/Cut

Now the selected text can be copied and pasted. You can copy and paste it in a different place in the same content or different content.

Mac – Command (⌘) + C (for Copy) and Command (⌘) + X (for Cut)

PC – Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X

  1. Justify Align

Your formatting has to be proper to make it readable. With ‘Justify’ align you you easily arrange the sentences to appear in a consistent line (neither left align nor right align).

Here is the shortcut to enable this

Mac – Command (⌘) + J

PC – Ctrl + J

keyboard shortcuts for article writing

  1. Paste the Text

This option will let you paste the copied or the cut text from one section to another. You can paste it in a new document or same document.

Mac – Command (⌘) + V

PC – Ctrl + V

  1. Find Text

This shortcut key helps a lot in content writing, and you can quickly proofread the content. Yes, when you want to delete, replace, or highlight a word or phrase from the content, then you can use this key.

If you have made a spelling mistake on a particular word, then you can correct it by merely finding the word and not reading the entire content.

When you click find text option, you will see a search box, and you can type the word in that to search. Or you can select the word of the phrase and use the find shortcut key to replace the word.

Mac – Command (⌘) + F

PC – Ctrl + F

Hongkiat has a nice little resource on writing shortcuts can  give you additional intel on this topic

To wrap up

If you are into article writing, these five keys will undoubtedly add value to your time by helping you to churn out content faster. You can use these shortcut key to proofread and make necessary changes in your content quickly. Especially the find key helps in many ways as mentioned above.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Ten Effective Ways to Make Great Business Copywriting

Most of you think that copywriting is a laborious process. But, once you get a hold on the art of writing, then the effort goes down significantly. Skilled copywriting agencies recommend that you must know how to collect your thoughts and pen them down in sequence so that business readers can find the content engrossing and captivating.

Just get down knowing the useful ways to make your writing more informative and exciting. Apart from speaking the usual stuff like write unique content, grammatically correct article, and more, in this blog you will find a few tips that can make your business copywriting appealing to your customers.

  1. Crisp Representation

First and most important aspect in making your writing efficient is to talk to the point. Never drag the matter and drive the reader to lose focus. Stay to the end and if you are outsourcing your work to copywriting services just make your point clear and let them do the job for you. Do not stuff sentences with words. Keep it simple.

  1. Transcribe Your Thoughts

Many writers have a wrong notion that they must write using great vocabulary. They search for synonyms and thesaurus for every simple word and fit them forcibly in the content. That is not the right method. You must work towards expressing your thought which can be understood by a larger audience population.

Business Copywriting services

  1. Easy to Understand

The writing must give the base idea when it is read the first time. It must not be vague. One glance must let the readers understand the details. But careful reading is required for more information.

  1. Back With Data

During your writing process, you must know what you are conveying. You must also have an idea about the entire writing before you start business writing. Unlike the story,writing can be a creative and an ongoing process. But, business writing must have some base before starting. Remember to support your thesis with facts and value proposition. This calls for effort on research work.

  1. Give Examples

You may think that to rely on the rules will give out best writing. That is wrong as examples cited in your writing are more important than the laws of writing. Grammar always must happen with the flow, and it cannot be taught and memorized with regulations.

  1. Use Other Words

When you want to explain your writing in other words and mention ‘In other words,’ then you must explain in detail using different words and merely not use words like fundamentally or essentially.

copywriting services provider

  1. Share Your Experience and Not Advice

It is better to share your experience and not to offer suggestions. A real-time skill of yours will give them a better understanding of the topics.

  1. Encourage Feedback

You will know that your content has delivered information to others only when they react. Encourage them to provide feedback and be open to accepting criticism to improve your writing.

  1. Keep On Writing

This point may sound frustrating, but believe that only practice makes anyone perfect. So keep writing more to become a pro.

  1. Conclude Properly

Write an appropriate conclusion to your content. Never keep it open. Close the loop by providing the right details and make your end look appealing. Many people have the habit of reading the outcome first. Hence, let that part make things clear to the reader.

With these tips, your copywriting efforts will be rewarded with engaged customers and loyal readership for your business content. Do connect with a proficient expert to hand over the challenging work while you focus on your key operations.

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