Friday, 12 April 2013

Newest social media sites

With Facebook ruling the roost for quite some time now, netizens are now looking in another direction to get going online, share posts, pics and videos and expand their network. There have been a few success stories such as Instagram, that reached 100 million users in 2012 and now considered a social media icon.
We will look at a few recently launched social media sites that have the potential to become the next Facebook or Twitter. Here are my favorite picks:
Medium: This one always has a favorable top-of-mind recall for me! With clean cut features, invitation-only membership and captivating stories and images, this site is bound to linger for long in your mind. The humane touch provided by these carefully selected pick of real life stories provide an enchanting read. There is also a nifty editors’ pick that sifts through the collection and brings their top picks of interesting posts that they feel should have greater visibility
Flayvr: This photo sharing app is turning to be a real head turner. With its innovative approach, Flavyr is an ideal photo organizer and photo sharing. With the advent of smartphones, numerous photos lie in the ‘images’ folder in an unsorted order. What Flavyr does is bringa sense of order to your photo collection by smart tagging through picture taken date/place taken from smartphone data, and listing them in well-organized albums. What’s more, you can easily upload entire albums to your favorite social media platform on the click of a button via aesthetically pleasing HTML5 webpages (either in public or private group)
Pheed: This is not exactly a networking forum per se. it is actually designed for celebrities that want to share their personal pics and videos albeit for a fee. For an amount ranging from $1.99 to $34.99, viewers can login and access images of entrainment industry celebrities who fiercely safeguard their privacy but are willing to advertise the same for monetary gains!

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