Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Is Your Business In Need Of Content Writing Services?

In the evolved world of digital media communication, the way brands are communicating with their target customers and clients have changed drastically. Social media communications, user generated content, and communication through multiple public and mobile platforms have together shifted the power baton into the hands of the consumer. They have the power of information now.

Gone are the days when the customer had to visit the company website or get in touch with some company representative to gather information about products or services. Numerous web portals are providing information about not just one, but multiple similar products and services. Thus, it has become essential for business organizations to have better marketing communication strategy in place. The right content developed by content writing services in India companies holds the key.

content writing sercvices in India

Content writing has become one of the most essential parts of any content marketing strategy. If you are still undecided about whether good quality content writing services in India is actually worth the investment, then this blog is just for you. Check out how good quality and relevant content helps you step up the engagement gear and bring prospects closer to conversion.

The benefits of professional content writing services in India

Content writing isn’t an easy job. In order to make it effective it is important to check the quality as well as time its publishing. With professional content writing services, you can derive the following benefits for your business’ inbound marketing strategy

  • Create more targeted content campaign: With deeply personalized content writing services in India, you can appeal to the persona of your intended audience. The content thus developed ensures that you can create customized content marketing plans that see a better likelihood of conversion for your business.
  • Gather more eyeballs:What is the best way to start communicating with total strangers? Yes, it is well-developed content. Content that helps site visitors with their pain points or addresses their specific problem leaves a lasting impression on their minds. With content, you can also start a new communication stream with a total stranger online, without being too pushy or ‘sales-y’.
  • Brand recall value:As we had mentioned, site visitors who get answers to their concerns or queries are likely to remember your brand for a longer time. Now imagine the multiplier effect if they always get to see fresh content around their area of interest, posted on your website. They will keep coming back for more meaningful content that solves their needs. Now, when the customer really has a buying need, your brand will be the first one that he will recall because of your sustained past interaction with him through relevant content.

Professional content writers in India

As it is evident, content marketing is an almost no-cost channel of acquiring new customers online. For this to work, you need to hire expert content writing services companies that can keep generating interesting, fresh and unique content based on your buyer persona. This way you can open up a new revenue stream and engage with your customers better through content. As for the question – “Is Your Business In Need Of Content Writing Services?” we leave the answer up to you!


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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Common Grammar Check Misses to Avoid in Website Content Writing

A well-written unique content that passes all grammar and spelling checks has become the norm for the online ecosystem. However, it is surprising that many writers still find it difficult to manage this elementary step in professional website content writing services. This factor keeps your content from performing to its maximum potential. Whether you call them glitches or bugs or technical issues, the fact remains that you need to get rid of these if you are to ensure high performance using website content writing services. This will also avoid additional time and resource utilization to ensure that the content generated is fit for publication.

What grammar rules to check in website content writing services?

website content writing services

As a digital marketing head, you will be tasked with the responsibility of creating perfect content for your marketing purpose and there is no way that you can afford to have these nasty niggles in your content. Let us check out the issues that you need to be careful about when looking at website content writing services.

  • Spellcheck failing to correct some common similar spellings

Believe it or not, the contextual spellcheck of even the best content grammar check tools is not perfect. There are many common spellings that can be overlooked, simply because the spelling isn’t incorrect. Here are a few examples that will give you a better understanding of the issue.

  • Use of “its” and “it’s”

The former means “belonging to something” while the latter is simply the acronym for “it is”. This might be a bit confusing for some people, especially since we are familiar to using the “ ‘s “ to denote “belonging to someone or something”, but it is the other way around with the word “it”. The fact that spelling of both the words exist makes it difficult for the spellcheck feature to correct it and make sure the correct word is used at the correct position.

  • Use of “their” and “there” and “they’re”

Believe it or not, even experienced writers make this common mistake. Generally it is a typo, but that does not mean that it will not ruin your organization’s reputation before your target audience, especially millions of sets of eyes scrutinizing every written online content. However, the spellcheck will not notice since all the three spellings are correct. It is the usage that matters.

  • Use of “you’re” and “your”

I have no idea why, but there seem to be a major problem with the use of these words and your content marketing software will most certainly overlook this bug since both the words exist in English.

grammar mistakes in website content

  • Use of “then” and “than”

I would give some slack to the writer here since the letters “a” an d “e” are not too far from each other on the traditional keyboard. But, you cannot afford to have this bug in the content. So, even though your spellcheck will ignore this, you need to ensure that the bug is removed.

  • Commonly misused words in English

This is a much more serious issue and even many major organizations fail to prevent this. There are some misuses of English that have become so common that they evade the most trained set of eyes. Do not let these misuses turn into your content marketing software bugs. Misuse of words like “accent/ascent”, “principal/principle”, and “access/assess” are so common that many major organizations have fell into the trap.

With these tips, you will be able to generate better content for your organization. You can even go one step ahead and delegate your content needs to a capable website content writing services provider. They will have in-built processes to check and eliminate these common misses and submit top rate content for your content marketing needs.

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